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VA-STEP Graduation

What to expect after graduation? Each facility has its own transition type programs to keep you employed until you are ready to start the facilities residency program. While you are preparing for your certification exams and prior to getting your license, the facility could use you in several paid roles:

Student Nurse Technician

Graduate Nurse Technician

Delivers fundamental, knowledge-based care to assigned patients while developing technical competencies. The Nurse I/Level 1 registered nurse is a NOVICE nurse, with, upon hiring, no experience of the situations in which they are ultimately expected to perform.
The post-associate or post-baccalaureate degree graduate nurse technician interprets the philosophy and goals of nursing service to others in the work setting; functions within established guidelines and demonstrates the ability to work effectively and develop therapeutic relationships with patients, their families, and other professional and supportive personnel who provide patient care.