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SELRP Application

Application Package Submission

The application process requires the applicant to complete an online application which includes the submission of these requirements:

  • Application (10-255A, Completed by the applicant)
  • Application (10-255B, Residency Program Verification)
  • Application (10-255C, Education Loan Verification)
  • Recommendations:
    • Required: Residency Program Director
    • Required: Residency Faculty Member
    • Medical School Dean (If not matched to a residency)
    • (VA Employee) Required: Supervisor
  • Resume or CV
  • Medical School Transcript with degree conferred date.
  • Copy of Medical School Diploma
  • National Student Loan Data (NSLD)
  • DD214 (current and former service members)
  • SF50 (current and former VA employees)

The VA’s Application Management System (VA AMS) enables applicants to provide the required data and documents for the successful submission of the SELRP application package.

The application package includes requirements that are completed by outside parties other than the student applicant. These are the 10-255B, the 10-255C, recommendations, and the National Student Loan Data (NSLD).

The 10-255B, Residency Program Verification, is completed by the Residency Program Director. The 10-255C Education Loan Verification, is completed by loan servicer, and the NSLD can be downloaded below.

Application Package Review

Once the application package has been submitted by the applicant, it is reviewed by the VA SELRP Team to confirm that all required information and requirements have been provided. In instances when the package is incomplete, the applicant is notified and is requested to address the deficiencies.

Application Package Evaluation

After the VA Scholarship Program Office confirms that the application package is complete, the application package is evaluated by the SELRP Team to determine the eligibility of the applicant.

SELRP Award Decision
The VA Scholarship Program Office makes SELRP award decisions after it has been determined that the applicant is eligible for SELRP. The award decisions are based upon the following criteria:
  • US Citizenship
  • Residency training (Specialty).
  • Remaining years in specialty training
  • Medical school accreditation (LCME/COCA)
  • Type and amount of Medical School Student Loan Debt.
  • Location of residency
  • Veteran Status
Tentative SELRP Award Notification and Acceptance
Applicants are notified immediately of selection, once it is determined the application is complete and the applicant is eligible with qualifying debt. Applicants that have been selected for SELRP are required to formally accept the award to complete the application process. Applicants that have been awarded VA SELRP are initially offered a tentative award. The applicant must complete a security background check and vendorization.
Security Background Check
Applicants must pass and maintain a background investigation commensurate with the VA occupation for which they will be employed. If eligible for SELRP the applicant will be contacted by the VA Security Office with requirements to complete the investigation. A complete investigation is required prior to receiving payment under SELRP.
Applicants will work with finance to get setup as a vendor so that they can receive payment. Once all agreements are signed, and the background check is complete the VA will deposit SELRP funds directly into the applicant’s back account.

Final Scholarship Award Notification and Acceptance

Once the background check is complete, the applicant will receive their final agreement (10-255E) along with their Mobility Agreement (10-255D). The applicant must accept both agreements to receive payment under SELRP.

The applicant is officially part of the SELRP program once the final agreement is accepted and the SELRP agreements are completed and signed by the Under Secretary of Health or designee.

Award of Payment

Once a payment is deposited into the physician’s back account. The physician must use those funds to pay down their medical school student loan debt. Once paid, the physician uploads a copy of the payment into the VA AMS portal as proof of payment.